Matte Black - Size MEDIUM

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Multi Sport Helmet for Sikh kids - safety certified for:

  • bicycling
  • skateboarding
  • inline skating
  • kick scooter

HELMET SIZE: Fits those with a head circumference of 56cm - 59cm. Please remember to measure your head to ensure a proper fit - measuring is essential! 


Please visit our FAQ page for more information on how to measure head circumference. 





  • 15 vents
  • comfortable and removable liner
  • head lock adjuster
  • adjustable straps 
  • ABS hardshell plastic with EPS liner


  • CPSC (1203)
  • ASTM (F1492)
  • CE (EN1078)
  • UKCA (EN1078) 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Superb Helmets Perfect for Gursikh Youth

    I bought two of these in medium sizes and delivered here in the UK within a couple of weeks. They are perfectly adjustable such that they were perfect for both my 11 year old son and his older 16 year old brother. These helmets are exceptionally well made (and have to be to hold the CE certification here in the UK) and have loads of cushioning and hard skin shell all with that perfect bump to accommodate a boy's jooda without compressing it. They look very stylish and professional and the bump for the jooda area is not actually too pronounced but is pretty much seemless in the overall design making the helmets look sleek, fashionable and pretty much indistiinguishable from the normal helmet which don't fit Sikhs with their topknot of hair. My son even likened them (as they were black rather than the brighter colours) to a kind of futuristic Starship Troopers or Call of Duty helmet vibe so he not only was perfectly safe wearing them but not a bit self conscious. These Bold Helmets are perfect for use for biking, go karting, climbing and school out of bound activities like the PGL trip - really anything that requires the use of a helmet because they have all the necessary safety and construction certification (such as the CE required in the UK and Europe). Strong, professionally built to protect the child and importantly the bump to accomodate the topknot of hair is not overly protruding or drawing undue attention to itself and the helmet is perfectly adjustable such that the medium size was great fit for both my 11 year old and 16 year old sibling so will last years of use. Frankly this helmet should be bought by every Sikh household and Sikh faith schools where you have a child with a jooda (topknot of hair) and reminds me of the Sikh metal abd chainmail helmets used by Sikh soldiers in the 18th and 19th Century with their distinctive bulge to accomodate their wearer's topknots in battle if they weren't wearing a Dastaar. Highly recommended product which does its job perfectly (to a professional standard matching normal helmets so you won't get refusal from outside agencies who are just used to normal helmets which won't fit the topknot) and will last years (effectively growing with the child as the medium size I ordered fits the head of an 11-year old and 16 year-old with the adjustable straps. I bought two (black matt, medium) so I didn't need to adjust the strap between my boys so they had their own already set to their head size and it was fast, easy delivery to the UK too. Excellent product and service.

    Hello Manjit,
    Thank you for taking the time to review your purchase. I'm so glad that Bold Helmets have helped your kids participate in various activities easily. As a small business, we thank you for your support!

    Great product

    Fitted and looks well and will provide a safe experience for my son. Thank you.

    Thank you for your review!

    Azeez Mangat
    Fitting is prefer and very safe

    Thankful to bolde helmets for their initiative. No helmet was proper fit for our 8 year son as by grace of Waheguru he has big “ਜੂੜਾ” but bold helmet fits perfect👍. Before he will avoid wearing helmet and we were always worried about his safety but now he always wears it when go for bike ride or roller/ skate boarding. Customer service is awesome!! I would say this helmet is a must for all Sikh kids. Hope it will be soon available in local stores which have large number of sikh population like Surrey BC. 🙏

    Thank you for your review!
    I'm proud to share that Bold Helmets are actually available in all Canadian Tire locations in Surrey, BC! So now, customers in that area can shop in store!