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MultiSport Helmet - Matte Black

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Multi Sport Helmet safety certified for:

  • bicycling
  • skateboarding
  • inline skating
  • kick scooter

HELMET SIZE: Fits children with a head circumference of 48cm - 56cm. Please remember to measure your child's head to ensure a proper fit. This size typically fits those aged 5-12 but measuring is essential! 

 Please visit our FAQ page for more information on how to measure your child's head circumference. 


  • 15 vents
  • comfortable and removable liner
  • head lock adjuster
  • adjustable straps 
  • ABS hardshell plastic with EPS liner


  • CPSC (1203)
  • ASTM (F1492)
  • CE (EN1078)
  • UKCA (EN1078) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Pamela Bhavra
A Must Purchase for all The Little Singhs.

I want to thank you for this beautiful idea and concept.
I was so excited to see the box had arrived and I didn't tell my 11 year old son I ordered the helmet
He opened it, adjusted the helmet. Moved his head size to side and said mommy it doesn't move.
He was sitting there a little confused and myself I had tears in my eyes that finally a helmet for my Bacha.
Once it sank in for him this helmet is specifically for Our Little Singhs in the world, he gave me a big hug and said I can take my helmet to school for in-line skating next year.
In that moment you realize a silent struggle, and thanks to bold helmets, I was able to ease this for him.

I can't thank you enough 🙏💙

Pamela Bhavra

Angad Phull
Good Fitting. Decent shape.

Overall Excellent for Sikh kids.

Perfect helmet for my lil sardar ji!

My son was so excited to receive his new Bold Helmet. I don't have to tie his hair back anymore, he can simply put the helmet on, jump on his bike and go! Products like this are very inclusive to our community, I can't believe it wasn't done earlier. Thank you so much!!!


The amount of freedom this offers my son is incredible. Going from not wanting to ride bikes with his friends to taking every opportunity to do so now is amazing.
Would love it if there was a Winter Sports version as well!

Gagandeep Singh
Amazing safety helmet for young sikh kids

As parent of young sikh boy ( 5 years old) we have had challenge using regular helmets. When we saw this product we ordered it intantly. To our suprise this not only fits perfect but is very comfortable as per our son's feedback. It has enough holes and the adjustable backstrap helps fit it on all sizes of heads. A game changer for childhood experience for sikh kids. Kudos to team and best wishes.